I started my career as a freelancing programmer and slowly became an online entrepreneur. I still do both.

Here are my projects that still go strong:

Freelancing and Web Development

After this many years of coding I’m pretty sure I can create anything online. (websites, themes, plugins, shops, mobile apps, canvas animations, games, web apps, APIs, servers, frameworks, anything .. you name it)

Spring ForceYou can check out my awesome upwork profile (for freelancing jobs) or if you need more resources, more man power I founded a web development company named Spring Force.

Send us a message and we’ll gladly help.

Web Development Tips and Tricks

We gathered an incredible amount of information related to online projects and it’s time to give back. If you are a beginner web developer or an entrepreneur that just started your online journey this is the place for you.

We have 2 main focuses on this project:

  • A YouTube channel with short videos where we give web development advice. You can check it out here.
  • A Community Forum where anyone can ask us anything related to web development, WordPress, plugins, themes, SEO, social media, analytics, drop shipping or anything in between. We’ll do our best to help you. All you have to do is go to this page.

WordPress Plugins

After many custom plugins developed for my clients I decided to publish one.

eSports is a growing industry and I play League of Legends almost every day so I decided to combine the two. I applied my coding skills and using the Riot API I made this LoL Free Champion Rotation WordPress plugin.

I don’t know how this will evolve in the future, but if you want to stay informed you can always check my WordPress profile for updates. I’ll probably update this page as well if that happens.

Android Apps on Google Play Store

Just like all the other projects we integrated our apps with the Spring Force brand. You can check out all our android apps here.

Want a short description? Here you go:

  • Beer Counter – Use it for when you get out with your friends. Usually the waiter makes a total bill. This is where Beer Counter comes in handy. You will know exactly how much you have to chip in for the total.
  • Beer Counter+ – It’s an improved version of Beer Counter. You get more sounds and the app sums up what you have to pay automatically.
  • Thank You. – The application asks you a simple question: “What are you thankful for?”. Your answer is added to our database where everyone can see. Consider this as a gratitude journal for the world.
  • Activ8 – Sharpen your focus with the new Activ8 game. Touch the screen to shoot. Make points by hitting the blocks until they are all the same color. You’ll get only 8 bullets for every point. Use them wisely because the targets are not slowing down.
  • Catch the Dot – Chase the blue dot to score points. For every point a new red enemy spawns. Beat your friends’ high-scores and complete as many achievements as you can. It’s not as easy as it looks.

JAD.store and 22 STORE

We sell t-shirts and mugs!

JAD storeJust Another Dev STORE – the name is based on the WordPress tagline “Just Another WordPress site”. Yes, I know .. we are funny. If you want to see more programming jokes on t-shirts and mugs visit our shop at jad.store.

22 STORE22 STORE – Our main goal is creating cute designs. Formerly known as the zazzle store theCuteBox, we have now moved on to the next step and created our own brand and store. You can find cute apparel for women and other products on twentytwo.store.

Both stores are made with Printful. Have you ever heard of it? Printful is a drop-shipping company that lets you print your design on t-shirts, mugs, pillows, wall arts and so on. We connected their service with WooCommerce and everything is automated. We just get our money on PayPal.

If you want to build your own store click here. It’s free!

Thank You. – Online Gratitude Journal

Thank You.This project extends beyond the android app mentioned above. We gathered thousands of gratitude messages from all around the world. I strongly believe that a good thought in the perfect moment can change a person.

If you want to be a part of this awesome project go to thankfulworld.com and share your thoughts.