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How to Add Vault Rewards to Minecraft Advancements using Java

Let me explain how I added currency rewards, using Vault, for every Minecraft advancement in a Spigot server with...

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2020 Oct 21 · 2 min read >

11 Awesome Titles using PowerRanks – Minecraft Server Update

I added player ranks to my Survival Minecraft Server using PowerRanks, a spigot plugin. This will hopefully boost my...

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2020 Oct 18 · 2 min read >

Best Budget Phone of 2020 – Pixel 4a Review

Are you looking for an excellent Android phone with a reasonable price tag? Pixel 4a is the cheapest phone...

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2020 Oct 8 · 2 min read >

Online Banking with Virtual Credit Cards – Revolut Review

I have never been one for banking services, especially virtual credit cards. But one day, a friend of mine...

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2020 Oct 4 · 5 min read >

Top Crypto Currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dai, Zcash

Introduction How many of us wake up every morning and type “Bitcoin to USD” in the Google search bar? Ever...

2020 Sep 28 · 4 min read >

How to Buy Crypto Currency – Coinbase vs Binance

As Crypto Currency is getting more and more popular, I’m sure that you would have heard of Bitcoin, the...

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2020 Sep 27 · 8 min read >

Why Crypto Currency is the Future of Money

I know this might seem optimistic at first, but it makes sense. Open and decentralized cryptocurrencies solve a lot...

2020 Aug 12 · 4 min read >

Among Demons Survival Minecraft Server

It all began when I was streaming on Twitch. I played Minecraft and my friends wanted to join. It...

2020 May 30 · 4 min read >

Among Demons Custom Minecraft Plugin for Spigot

I own a Survival Minecraft server. It’s free to play and you can check it out at Below...

2020 May 30 · 3 min read >

variety42 – Text Interface and SEO Experiment

My first website, somewhere around 2008, was an interface where users could post jokes in English and Romanian. I...

2020 Feb 28 · 2 min read >