Just like all the other projects we integrated our apps with the Spring Force brand. You can check out all our android apps here.

Want a short description? Here you go:

  • Beer Counter – Use it for when you get out with your friends. Usually the waiter makes a total bill. This is where Beer Counter comes in handy. You will know exactly how much you have to chip in for the total.
  • Beer Counter+ – It’s an improved version of Beer Counter. You get more sounds and the app sums up what you have to pay automatically.
  • Thank You. – The application asks you a simple question: “What are you thankful for?”. Your answer is added to our database where everyone can see. Consider this as a gratitude journal for the world.
  • Activ8 – Sharpen your focus with the new Activ8 game. Touch the screen to shoot. Make points by hitting the blocks until they are all the same color. You’ll get only 8 bullets for every point. Use them wisely because the targets are not slowing down.
  • Catch the Dot – Chase the blue dot to score points. For every point a new red enemy spawns. Beat your friends’ high-scores and complete as many achievements as you can. It’s not as easy as it looks.

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